The Secret Power of FAQ-bots

No One Is Talking About

We've all been there: Your website is up and running, users are coming in through organic search channels, direct visits or paid ads, and your analytics tools are pumping out the data they're gathering from user's interactions with your website. Then you start looking at the data: Bounce rates, time on site, your sales funnel, conversion rates.

The Analytics Guessing Game

And questions start popping up, why are users spending so much time on that particular page? Why is that other page not converting? Why are users leaving after they look at this page? But here's the catch: None of the data actually tells you the why of any of this happening. All it tells you is what is happening, leaving it up to you to figure out the reasons.

Understanding Customers

Maybe you tried session recordings, that track user's mouse and touch movements and allow you to play back whole sessions, to try and understand the user's intentions. While it can give some interesting insights about user interactions and usability issues, there's still a lot of guesswork involved in the tedious task of going through every recording, finding those that give meaningful insights, and drawing the right conclusions from that.

Introducing: The Power of Asking

So, instead of guessing what the data is trying to tell you, and trying to deduce user intentions, why not give users a way to ask questions directly? That is the secret power of FAQ-bots, that is not talked about enough.

FAQ-bots are mainly a way to automate customer service, answering questions automatically, as a way to save companies time and money. But the real upside, that is often overlooked, is the data that users generate with their questions, data that doesn't just answer the what, but also the why.
Maybe users are unclear about how your product is better than the competition, maybe your pricing is confusing, maybe they want a trial before they decide to buy from you. Analyzing customer questions will help you understand these pain points, to improve your business and become truly customer centric.

One Step Further: Using AI for Question Analytics

Now you could look at the questions one by one, and you would get interesting insights just from that. Here at dialogbar, we like to go one step further, by using AI to analyze questions from our FAQ-bot, grouping similar questions together and creating clusters, to see the most common topics as well as the most frequent questions. This will give you a good understanding of general trends, as well as specific problems that users are facing, giving you powerful data to keep not just your website, but your whole business aligned with customer needs and upcoming trends.